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Battery solar directory

Maharashtra Battery & Solar Directory is one of the most effective and economical reference books for battery & Solar Products. It is surely an effective medium to reach battery & solar industry people. This includes people like Raw Material Vendors, Battery / Battery parts manufacturers, Battery Assemblers, Distributors, Dealers, machineries providers and Lead Smelters etc in the country.

This directory is the outcome of our extensive shop to shop survey process which includes a team of experts working restlessly in 35 Districts of Developed state – Maharashtra.

We provide you the names, contact persons, contact numbers & detailed address of all the battery & Solar entrepreneurs in most concise & readable form. This database will prove vital for your business entity. Very First Edition of Maharashtra Battery Directory was published in October 2012. We kept this yearly journey with its all excitement intact.

Salient Features of Directory

  • A-4 Size Art Paper (90 GSM) Quality used
  • Multicolor Printing & ample space for customized advertizing
  • Bulk Quantity (No.) available at ease
  • Countrywide circulation
  • Live Survey data included
  • Maximum effective reach

Mobile Application

We provide following facilities to enrich your business today:

  • Maharashtra Battery, Solar & E-Vehicle Business Directory (Book and Android Application with Online Radio)
  • Battery & Solar Business Paper (Bi-Monthly Magazine)
  • Maharashtra Battery & Solar Business Call Center (24 X 7)
  • Mega Event - Maharashtra Battery , Solar, E-Vehicle Expo every year

Salient Features of Directory

  • Get buy leads
  • Increase export business
  • Mobile Application listing
  • Your Company's Geo-location
  • Direct Client Connectivity
  • Whats app shearing
  • News & update
  • Details of all India manufactures, distributors,Dealers
  • Life Time Add

Battery & Solar Business Paper

“Battery & Solar Business Paper” is the innovative idea developed for addressing issues of Battery and solar industry. In this throat cutting competition this paper will provide you edge over your competitors. Also to sustain growth we need to communicate our distribution channel and customers about the products in right time at right place. This paper provides vital connectivity to dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers by awaking latest technologies in the field of battery and solar industry. Hence the name is “BATTERY & SOLAR PAPER”. We have strong database of around 8000 dealer network spread across Maharashtra and around 14000 strong dealer networks across India. As a gesture of good will we are printing and distributing our Bi-monthly paper free of charge to all the dealers and distributors.

We request you to be part of our publication and get benefits with this pioneer idea

Salient Features of Battery & Solar Business Paper

  • Bi-monthly publication.
  • Multi color digital printing in very attractive form.
  • Latest updates and technical articles of experts from battery & solar industry.
  • Reaches maximum numbers of dealers and distributors.
  • Totally free of charge
  • Maximum exposure in one go